Welcome to Abodements

Still life in green and yellow. Gold leafed oxidized copper candlesticks, green espresso cups, green glass vase with pink flowers, yellow inciso vase with white orchid, yellow base champagne flutes, green silk tray with stainless bar tools.

Hi, I’m David Michael, thank you for visiting Abodements.

For over thirty years I have worked in the tabletop and home furnishings industry. From being a buyer for a high end retailer to designing and dressing sets for films and photography, home furnishings have always held a place in my heart. I am passionate about well designed and well made items.

Set design led me into interior design. I’ve designed both residential and commercial interiors. My design work has been featured in national and international shelter magazines. Somewhere along the way I fell back into the photography world, this time as a food stylist. 

I eventually ended up working with high end 20th century furniture and art. Managing high end galleries including the photography and public relations was rewarding and enriching.

I am proud to be the editor of Abodements where I can share with you what I feel are the best things for your home and that I feel are truly great designs. I look forward to bringing you the latest and greatest for your home.

David Michael