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Back To School

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As summer ends it’s time to think about going back to school. Our checklist will help make sure you remember to stock up on the essentials to start the school year well prepared. Elementary, high school and college; school supplies essentials don’t change too much.

Take Note: Back To School Notebooks

Notebooks for every purpose. From taking notes to completing assignments there is a notebook geared to fit your needs. These are some of our favorite notebooks for back to school.

Spiral Notebooks – Single Subject These Oxford college ruled notebooks have a durable plastic cover.
Spiral Notebooks – 5 Subject Mead’s 5 Star notebooks are the original heavy use plastic cover notebooks.
Composition Books – College Ruled I love composition books! Pages don’t fall out and get lost.
Binder Filler Paper – This set of 500 sheets may last the entire school year.
Graph Paper – The Mead 5 Star spiral graph paper has perforated edges for easy removal.
Notebook / Journal – Moleskine’s classic ruled notebook is a personal favorite of mine.

Back To School With The Write Stuff

Every task seems to have a pen or pencil specifically suited for it. These are our picks for the most useful writing tools, especially for school.

Ball Point Pens – The classic Bic Cristal in a great color assortment. Smooth, permanent writing and color coding.
Pencils – Ticonderoga pencils are the enduring classic. Possibly the perfect no. 2 pencil.
Mechanical Pencil – Pentel’s Automatic Sharp gives a precise .5mm point.
Gel Pens – Pentel Energel now comes in a permanent formula. The best of permanence plus gel pens.
Highlighters – I like this color assortment for color coding when highlighting.
Colored Pencils – Prismacolor makes my favorite colored pencils. Great for drawing and notes.
Pencil Sharpener – My Staedtler pencil sharpener made it through art school and I still use it today.
Pen / Pencil Holders – I like these pouches that go into a 3 ring binder.
Erasers – The Pentel Hi-Polymer eraser cleanly erases without destroying the paper.

Keep It Together Going Back To School

Organize your classes with binders to hold your notebooks, loose papers, and almost anything else you need on a daily basis during school.

3 Ring Binders – I’m loving this hybrid 3 ring binder. It protects and opens completely.
Mini Binders – Slightly larger than a Moleskine, a mini binder is half the size of a regular binder, great for notes.
Trapper Keeper – So glad these are available again, designed to hold just about everything.
Folders – Great for reports, keeping projects organized, and they go into a 3 ring binder!
Report Covers – Classic colorful report covers with the sliding bar fastener.
Backpack – Bring it all home and back to school with a great bag that also accommodates a laptop.

Stay Organized Going Back To School

If you need a little extra help in keeping organized a daily planner may just be what you need. A bullet journal is great too – see our post on Bullet Journal Buying Guide for more info.

Daily Planner – This undated planner helps keep you on track and remember due dates, projects, etc.
Bullet Journal – A more freestyle planner for those that like more freedom in their planning.
Index Cards – Classic organizing tool – use for notes, flash cards, and unlimited uses – I use 3 x 5s all the time.

Measure It Out: Back To School Tools

Rulers, calculators and more. These are among of the most needed tools in schools today.

Standard Ruler – 12 inch A good stainless steel ruler will last and not warp out of shape.
Mini Ruler – The perfect size for notebooks. They make great bookmarks too. I always pick the stainless ones.
Calculator – A scientific calculator is a necessity for most math classes. Casio is still a leader.
Graphing Calculator – Texas Instruments color graphing calculator is a game changer.
Protractor – A geometry class essential. I love the 6 inch size that fits in any binder or notebook.
Compass – The other geometry class essential.
Cutting Mat– A self healing mat to protect your desk. Perfect for use with a compass.
Stencil Sets – A comprehensive set for math and other classes.

Back To School With Lunch And More

Pack a lunch and keep hydrated with insulated containers, bags, and more. Keep healthy snacks and foods in your bag for an immediate snack or meal.

Insulated Lunch Box – Yeti’s Daytrip lunch box is the best lunch box I’ve seen in years.
Thermos Bottle – Bring along water, juice, coffee, or anything you want to drink and keep it hot or cold.
Food Thermos – Bring along chili, soup, stews and more in Thermos food jar.
Snack Containers – Toss this in your backpack for a quick snack. Great for the late afternoons.

We hope you find everything you need to get your kids back to school. For the college bound check out our College Checklist to make sure you pack everything for your dorm.

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