Best Academic Planners 2023-2024

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Best Academic Planners

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Academic planners serve a crucial role in organizing not only the lives of teachers, school administrators, and students, but they also hold immense value for parents. Beyond their traditional usage within educational settings, academic planners provide an invaluable tool for parents to effectively navigate the academic journey of their children.

With the academic planner’s aid, parents can gain a comprehensive overview of their child’s schedule, including important dates, assignments, exams, extracurricular activities, and school events. By having this information readily accessible in one centralized location, parents can stay informed and actively participate in their child’s education. The planner acts as a collaborative platform, fostering a stronger parent-teacher partnership, as parents can engage in meaningful discussions with educators about their child’s progress, challenges, and potential areas of improvement.

They generally start in July and go through June of the following year. I find the most useful ones are 15 month planners that start in April and go through June of the following year. Those 3 extra months can save a lot of flipping between last year’s and this year’s planner. We have a look at what we feel are the best academic planners that are available.

Best 15 Month, April Start Academic Planner

Tools4Wisdom 15 Month Academic Planner

Available in a huge assortment of cover designs. There’s a design certain to appeal to you, even plain covers are available. These have heavier paper stock and are suitable for any pens. Each month has a monthly view and a week to a spread view. The spiral binding allows these to lay open flat on a desk. This is a great April start planner that goes through June of the following year. This is an all encompassing teacher planner.

Tools4Wisdom Planner 2023-2024 Calendar - April 2023-24 June - Hardcover - 15 Months

Best 12 Month July Start Academic Planner

At-A-Glance Academic Planner

When it comes to planners At-A-Glance has you covered. This is the classic teacher planner. My teachers used an At-A-Glance for as long as I remember. They’ve recently been upgraded with heavier paper that keeps ink from bleeding through the page. This academic planner starts with July and ends with June the following year. A perfect 12 month teacher planner.

AT-A-GLANCE 2023-2024 Academic Planner, Weekly, Quarter-Hourly Appointment Book, 8-1/4" x 11", Large, Pocket, Flexible Cover, Black (7095705)

Best A5 Size Academic Planner

BooQool A5 Academic Planner

When space is at a premium on your desk, or you want a smaller size planner for portability BooQool’s A5 planner is great. At just 8.3″ tall and 6.25″ wide this teacher planner fits an entire July-June year into a smaller space. BooQool makes great teacher planners, and we love the size of this one.

Academic Planner 2023-2024 - 2023-2024 Planner with Weekly and Monthly Spreads, JUL 2023 - JUN 2024, 6.25" × 8.3", Strong Twin-Wire Binding, Round Corner, Improving Your Time Management Skill

Best 18 Month July Start Academic Planner

Moleskine 18 Month Planner

Moleskine’s 18 Month planner runs from July to December of the following year. This shows one week on a page with the facing page an empty ruled sheet. The binding allows the Moleskine planner to lay flat on a desk, and provides sturdiness that a spiral bound book doesn’t have. If you like to archive your academic / teacher planners, we would recommend a Moleskine 18 month planner.

Moleskine Classic 18 Month 2023-2024 Weekly Planner, Soft Cover, Large (5" x 8.25"), Black

In conclusion, academic planners are not limited to educators and students; they offer an array of benefits to parents as well. Through their ability to centralize and organize academic information, foster collaboration with teachers, promote effective time management, and facilitate family communication, academic planners empower parents to actively engage in their child’s educational journey. By leveraging this valuable tool, parents can provide the necessary support, guidance, and structure needed to help their child succeed academically and holistically.

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