Best Cheese Slicers

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Using a cheese slicer best suited to the type of cheese you’re serving enhances the experience. Thin slices lets the flavor shine through. A good cheese slicer will let you get perfect, uniform slices with a minimum of crumbling and breaking. 

We look at a few different styles and recommend our top rated cheese slicers in each style.

Wire Cheese Slicer

The wire type of slicer is applicable for a wide variety of cheeses. Semi-soft to semi hard cheese are all perfectly suitable. They even work well for harder cheese, especially if the cheese is allowed to come to room temperature. They come in handheld and cheese board mounted styles. The handheld ones allow you to vary the thickness of the slice by changing the angle that you hold it. Some wire slicers are also adjustable. A wire slicer is among the best cheese slicer styles as they are easy to clean and there are no sharp edges.

Stainless Adjustable Wire Cheese Slicer

This cheese slicer is adjustable to vary the slice from thin to thick. Its heavy stainless steel construction is sturdy and comfortable to hold. The slicing wire is replaceable. This is a great all purpose hand held cheese slicer. If you want something that will work for just about anything – this is one of the best cheese slicers for hard cheese to semi-soft cheese.

Adjustable Stainless Steel Cheese Slicer

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Rosle Cheese Wire

I love this hand held cheese slicer. It has a double wire and is very easy to use. The cutting area is larger than most wire slicers also, at about 4.5 inches. The pronged end makes plating and serving slices a snap. If you’re looking for the best wire cheese slicer this is one of them. Stainless steel construction and Rosle’s quality make this a favorite high quality cheese slicer. The Rosle cheese slicer is not only effective, it’s a beautiful design as well.

Rosle Cheese Wire

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Marble Cheese Board Slicer

This marble cheese board with a built in wire slicer is more of a stage to showcase your cheese. The marble gives weight to help prevent the slicer from moving around. The large wire slicer can handle larger pieces of cheese. This is a great way to feature a special cheese at a party. This also makes a great housewarming gift set (give a great cheese with it).

Marble Cheese Slicer Board

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Plane Cheese Slicer

A cheese plane slicer is great for semi soft to semi hard cheese. By drawing the plane across the cheese you make very even and uniform slices. A cheese plane is great for making thin slices that are perfect for sandwiches.

Rosle Cheese Plane

Quality stainless steel construction and an impeccable design sense are what makes Rosle a stand out in the kitchen. This cheese plane is a heavier build and has a sharper blade than other cheese plane slicers we’ve tried. This one is built to last. If you’re looking for the best cheese plane, the Rosle is difficult to beat.

Rosle Plane Cheese Slicer

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Cheese Knife

A cheese knife has openings or holes in the blade. These opening let the knife cut through cheese while preventing sticking. Normally best for soft cheese there are cheese knives with a blade that also makes them suitable for harder cheese also. The pronged tip allows for serving or plating without touching the cheese.

Global Cheese Knife

I love my Global knives. They are perfectly balanced and wonderful to hold. Their cheese knife is made with the same quality you would expect. The open work allows this cheese knife to cut through softer cheese. The serrated edge makes this suitable for harder cheeses also. The signature Global handle makes this a very comfortable cheese knife to use. For a general purpose catch all slicer that is best for hard cheese as well as soft cheese the Global cheese knife excels.

Global Cheese Knife

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We’re sure you will enjoy your cheese slicer for many years and many gatherings in the future. We like all of these top rated cheese slicers, and feel these are the best cheese slicers available at this time. Be sure to check out Amazon for more of your Dining and Entertaining needs.

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