Best Coffee Thermos

Best Coffee Thermos

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Commuting or working from home, using a thermos for your coffee just makes sense. Fresh brewed right from the pot and into a thermos keeps it piping hot without sitting on a hot plate developing bitter flavors. Iced coffee right from the fridge stays cold all day without needing to constantly add ice.

We tested some top rated thermoses and these are our top picks for best coffee thermoses, for both hot and cold coffee. Our 4 picks for best coffee thermos are:

These all excelled in performance. They are also from trusted, high quality brands. You can’t go wrong with any of these thermoses. We specifically were looking for coffee thermoses, but these work for any hot or cold beverage.

We feel these are among the best thermos for coffee for work and play. None leaked at all when closed, so they can safely go into a bag or briefcase.

Hot Coffee Thermos Test

Each thermos was preheated with hot top water while I brought water up to a simmer. Just for the record, the tap water measured 125 degrees F with a digital thermometer. Each pre warmed thermos was filled with water that was brought to a simmer and the thermoses were sealed. The temperature of the water was measured after 8 hours.

The Results

The results of our hot test: Thermos at 175.7 degrees and Zojirushi at 166.8 degrees.
  • Thermos – 174 degrees
  • Zojirushi – 166 degrees
  • Bevu – 165 degrees
  • Yeti – 165 degrees

The Thermos Stainless King was the clear winner in the keeping hot drinks hot test. All the others held their own and kept their drinks very hot too. The design of the Thermos has a narrow neck that helps slow down heat transference as well as a secondary lid – the cup that helps retain heat.

Cold Coffee Thermos Test

I love a good iced coffee, especially in the summer. We tested the thermoses with water that was chilled in the refrigerator to a chilly 41.5 degrees F. The thermoses were pre chilled with cold tap water, but we also added 2 narrow ice cubes to each thermos – the kind made to be put in narrow openings of water bottles. We measured the temperatures after 8 hours.

The results

The results of our cold test: Yeti at 40.6 degrees and Bevu at 40.8 degrees.
  • Thermos – 40.8 degrees
  • Zojirushi – 40.8 degrees
  • Bevu – 40.8 degrees
  • Yeti – 40.6 degrees

Each of our top picks performed exceptionally well with the Yeti doing just a little better than the others. One of the things I like about the Yeti is you can use full size ice cubes in it because of its wide opening. All the others would need the narrow ice cubes. I could even put a 2″ square ice cube in the Yeti.

Our Recommendations for Best Coffee Thermos

Thermos Stainless King 16 oz.

The classic thermos. I have so many different sizes of Thermos brand insulated bottles, and they always perform. The stopper doesn’t even need to be removed to pour, and the second lid makes for a convenient cup to drink out of. I’ve tossed these in my to go bag on a daily basis – they never leak and keep hot drinks hot for hours.

Thermos Stainless King

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Yeti Rambler with Hot Shot Cap 18 oz.

This is my favorite of the bunch aesthetically. The hot shot cap is easy to drink out of and this also doesn’t leak, something we’ve been waiting for from Yeti for a while in a size that goes into a daily commuter bag. The convenience of being able to use full size ice cubes means your cold drinks stay icy all day without needing special ice molds.

Yeti Rambler with Hot Shot Cap 18 oz.

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Bevu DUO 10 Oz.

The Bevu bottle was by far the easiest to carry around. Your finger slips into the loop in the cap and makes for an easy to carry bottle. It also has a very pleasing texture, the Bevu is covered in a matte finish silicone that also provides a nice grip.

Bevu DUO insulated bottle

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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug 16 Oz.

The Zojirushi was the only thermos we tested that had a locking mechanism. You can also drink right out of this by flipping the lid open. This particular model is stainless steel on the inside – other Zojirushi’s have a non-stick coating that didn’t appeal to us.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel insulated mug 16 oz

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Ice Cube Sticks Mold

These are the ice cube molds that I use to make ice cubes to fit into the narrow necks of most insulated thermos bottles.

Ice cube stick molds for bottles and thermos

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Cleaning your Coffee Thermos

Some of these say you can put their thermos right in the dishwasher, but I recommend hand washing. I use the OXO bottle brush to clean my thermoses and it works great. For stubborn stains I use Bottle Bright Tablets because sometimes staining will happen with coffee or tea. These tablets are all natural and work overnight to restore your thermos to like new condition.

We hope you find the vacuum insulated thermos that best suits your needs.

If you’re looking for a thermos for food, please check out our post on Best Food Thermos for our recommendations.

For more casual sipping check out the Yeti Rambler that makes a perfect tumbler for a Root Beer Float.

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