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Best Daily Planners 2024

A daily planner is an indispensable part of my day. I use them to keep track of things I need to do on any given day. I also use them to record anything memorable that happens. The month at a glance pages are great for scheduling and keeping track of things like monthly payments. In addition to using them for scheduling and planning you could use them as a daily journal, a comprehensive daily journal planner.

I’ve been using daily planners, or day to a page planners for years. I do still use digital calendars, but there is something very satisfying about taking a pen to a page. Here we’ve gathered some of our favorite planners for 2024.

Graphic Image Daily Journal Planner 2024

I’ve used these for years. These are made with archival paper and quality construction. They are made to last and look good doing it. The paper is a great weight, and does not bleed through. The soft leather cover comes in a different assortment of colors every year. They look great lined up on a bookshelf. This is one of the best luxury leather planners.

Graphic Image 2024 Daily Journal, Day-at-a-view appointment and Calendar pages, Genuine Leather (5½" W x 8" H - Made in the USA)

At-A-Glance Appointment Book and Planner 2024

The go to for every office I’ve worked in. The large format shows an entire week spread across 2 pages. The wire binding lets this book lay flat regardless of what page it is open to. Scheduling appointments is easy with this format. These are great but don’t hold up really well as an archive of past years.

AT-A-GLANCE 2024 Weekly Planner, DayMinder, Quarter-Hourly Appointment Book, 8" x 11", Large, Black

Mini Binder 2024 Daily Planner Refill by At-A-Glance

I really love the mini binder size, it’s the size of a sheet of paper folder in half (5 1/2 inches by 8 inches). This is what I use as my planner for my business. It’s large enough to write in everything that I need, yet small enough to easily fit on my desk.

AT-A-GLANCE 2024 Daily Planner One Page Per Day Refill, 5-1/2" x 8-1/2", Desk Size, Loose-Leaf

This also comes in a standard binder size of 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches.

Standard Binder 2024 Daily Planner Refill by At-A-Glance

AT-A-GLANCE 2024 Daily Planner Two Page Per Day Refill, 8-1/2" x 11", Folio Size, Loose-Leaf

Moleskine 2024 Daily Planner

I’ve also used the Moleskine daily planner for a few years. I like the hardcover version, but you may prefer the softcover. This is another well made archival quality planner. Moleskine’s famous quality is evident in this planner. This comes in several different color options, which change yearly. This is thicker than most journals / planners and I found myself leaving this at my desk instead of throwing in my bag at the end of the day. They also make a pocket sized version which is much more portable, but the smaller size limits how much you can write in each daily page.

Moleskine Classic 12 Month 2024 Daily Planner, Hard Cover, Large

Hobonichi 2024 A6 Techo Daily Planner and Cover

This is the daily planner that I currently use for my personal things. The A6 size is perfect. With the cover it’s approximately 6 1/2 inches high by about 4 1/2 inches wide. The paper is quite thin, but it is made with the famous Tomoe River paper. The thin paper is remarkably bleed proof. I use gel pens with mine and each page is totally legible. These are refillable, but every year they release new colors of covers. Covers are available in a wide variety of plain and limited edition designer motifs, along with luxury leather covers. The covers have multiple pockets and pen loops so you can carry cards, pens, cash, and other items with you. Please note this is the English language planner, the larger A5 size is only available in Japanese. The covers are now sold separately from the refills.

Hobonichi A6 Techo Planner Cover

Hobonichi Techo Original & Planner Cover [A6 Cover Only]

This is a cover only, get the refill below. Make sure to check out all the different colors available.

Hobonichi 2024 A6 Techo Daily Planner Refill in English

If you already have a Hobonichi cover and are just looking for the refill, here you go:

Hobonichi Techo Planner Book [English/A6/January 2024 Start/Monday Start]

Leuchtturm 1917 Daily Planner for 2024

Known for their high quality binding and paper. What I like about the Leuchtturm line is the project plan that lets you chart out recurring events. They come in a range of colors from subdued to vibrant.

LEUCHTTURM1917 - Daily Planner 2024 with extra booklet, Medium (A5) Hardcover, Black (Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2024)

We are certain that you will find a daily planner here that meets your needs for the new year. Here’s to a memorable and organized new year!

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