Leather Pocket Notebooks – Our Top Picks

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Best Leather Pocket Notebooks

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A pocket notebook is great for keeping track of expenses, todo lists, and spur of the moment creative inspiration.  For more ideas on ways to use a pocket notebook, see our post about getting organised and other pocket notebook uses.

Sometimes you want a more long lasting notebook, and a leather pocket notebook is the perfect solution. A leather or vegan leather cover gives your notebook a durable face. If you want a long lasting pocket notebook that can withstand heavy daily use, these are better than the standard paper covered pocket notebook. A mini leather notebook is portable and durable.

A leather pocket notebook also protects your writing better than a paper bound notebook. Leather naturally repels water in case you find yourself in a sudden rain.

Paired with a pen, a leather pocket notebook makes a great gift. I particularly like the compact Fisher Space Bullet Pen for use with a pocket notebook. A beautiful pen and a small leather journal are a timeless and always appropriate gift – especially for the hard to buy for person.

Stylish and practical, here are our choices for what we feel are the best leather pocket notebooks.

Leather Pocket Notebooks

C.R. Gibson Bonded Leather Pocket Notebook

This pocket notebook packs a lot of quality features into a small package. This notebook has 192 pages made of acid free paper. The sewn binding lays flat to let you easily write on the entire page. A pocket in the inside cover is great for holding receipts and other small loose papers. A ribbon bookmark keeps your place, and an elastic closure secures everything. I really like the quality of this pocket notebook.

C.R. Gibson Bonded Leather Pocket Notebook

Vegan Leather Pocket Notebook

If you’re looking for a vegan alternative, this is my favorite. This pocket notebook has great features that really make it stand out. These notebooks have numbered pages and a table of contents. A generous 204 pages of acid free paper makes this great for long term storage. The table of contents is such a great feature that allows you to find information without having to flip back and forth searching for things. An elastic band keeps everything neat and tidy. This pocket notebook also has an integrated pen loop on the spine so you will always have a pen on hand when you need it. This is also sold as a set of two – great features and getting two make this a fantastic bargain.

Vegan Leather Pocket Notebook

Leather Pocket Notebook Covers

A leather notebook cover is a great option if you’re already using a pocket notebook and just want to add a holder. A leather cover not only adds protection for your notebook, they can also add functions like pen and card holders. You can use a leather notebook holder like a wallet.

Leather Cover for Field Notes Pocket Notebooks

I love the Field Notes pocket notebooks. They’re slim and trim and fit just about anywhere. They can also be a little on the fragile side if you keep them in your back pocket. This handmade leather cover offers sturdy protection to your pocket notebook without adding a lot of bulk. The integrated pen loop and card slot practically makes this a mobile office. This also fits the Moleskine Cahier pocket notebook.

Leather Cover for Field Notes pocket notebooks

Leather Cover for Moleskine Pocket Notebook

Made especially for the Moleskine Pocket Notebook, this leather cover adds durable protection to your notes. This handmade leather cover is initially a tight fit, but does fit the hardcover notebook beautifully. This cover also has an interesting curved shape to the back that allows you to use Moleskine’s elastic loop to keep everything secure and neat. This cover comes with an impressive 100 year warranty. 

Leather cover for Moleskine Pocket Notebook

A leather notebook, or leather notebook cover extends the life of your pocket notebook and offers excellent protection. I hope you find one here that suits all of your needs.

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