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Cranberry Orange Cocktail

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A refreshing holiday inspired cocktail. Cranberry and orange are a perfect combination. The sweetness of the Cointreau tempers the tartness of the cranberry. The natural orange of Cointreau enhances the cranberry flavor without being overwhelming. Club soda lightens everything and gives the drink an effervescent sparkle. The Cointreau is the only sweetener this drink has, so  this isn’t a very sugary sweet drink. It’s a light, sparkling seasonal drink with subtle nods of flavor.

When it’s time for a break this holiday season and you want something a bit lighter try this Cranberry Orange Cocktail. Perfect for any fall gathering, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Tuesdays, or anytime. It makes a great brunch special.

Cranberry Orange Cocktail Recipe

1.5 ounces cranberry infused vodka
3/4 ounce Cointreau
Club soda
Garnish: Orange zest and fresh cranberries.

In a highball glass half filled with ice combine the cranberry infused vodka and Cointreau.
Top with club soda.
Garnish with orange zest wound around Raw Rute’s Juniper Cocktail Branch, studded with fresh cranberries.

Stir gently.

I use Raw Rute’s Juniper Cocktail Branch to hold the zest and cranberries, it doubles as a drink stirrer while infusing the drink with additional orange and cranberry flavor. The heavy stainless is sturdy enough to hold all kinds of garnishes and is easy to clean (dishwasher safe!).

I like to use a soda siphon when entertaining. It’s much more festive than opening a bottle of club soda and looks great on the bar. I like the slick look of the all stainless steel one, but they also offer a vintage style one with the steel mesh over a glass bottle. Being the bartender at your home means you can do it with your own style. This is the one I use.

Please drink responsibly.

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