Gin Rickey: A Classic with a Twist

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Gin Rickey

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When it comes to classic cocktails, few are as refreshing and iconic as the Gin Rickey. This timeless drink has been enjoyed by cocktail enthusiasts for generations, and its simple yet zesty flavor profile continues to delight taste buds to this day.

Gin Rickey Recipe

2 ounces gin
½ ounce lime juice
4 ounces soda water, or more to taste
Garnish: lime wedge

In a highball glass half filled with ice add the gin, lime juice, and top with soda.
Garnish with lime wedge.

The origins of the Gin Rickey are somewhat clouded, but they all seem to revolve around Washington D.C. and Colonel Joe Rickey. Originally made with whiskey, the drink quickly gained popularity as a refreshing and effervescent choice during the sweltering summer months. The cocktail eventually found its way to the hands of gin enthusiasts, leading to the birth of the Gin Rickey. Just about any spirit will work in a Rickey; bourbon, rye, or tequila all work well.

The Gin Rickey remains a timeless classic that continues to captivate cocktail enthusiasts around the world. Its simplicity, versatility, and refreshing taste make it an ideal choice for a spontaneous cooler. So, the next time you’re looking for a refreshing libation to beat the heat, remember the Gin Rickey – a true classic. Cheers!

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