A Glass Pumpkin – Perfect Fall Decor

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A Glass Pumpkin (Or Several) Makes Fall Decorating Easy

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As the season changes we like to add some fall decor to the home. With longer nights and cooler days a stand by has always been the symbol of the harvest – the pumpkin. A glass pumpkin is even better as it lasts forever and has the added sparkle of glass. Glass pumpkin decor adds an instant touch of autumn to your home.

A Glass Pumpkin Patch

Perfect for fall, a glass pumpkin works from the autumn equinox to Halloween and through Thanksgiving. They never spoil and just need an occasional dusting. I recently acquired two more from Luke Adams in my signature colors of blue and purple. My glass pumpkin patch grows! I love them all grouped together and I’m going to leave them out all year long.

Glass pumpkins come in colors ranging from natural, to vibrant and many come in swirling tonals to match any decor. Collect them in any color combinations that catch your eye – you really can’t go wrong. There’s glass pumpkin decor to match any color scheme or mood.

glass pumpkins from Luke Adams

Glass Pumpkin Master Luke Adams

I got my first glass pumpkin a few years ago from Luke Adams, and he still makes some of the highest quality hand made glass pumpkins around.

Luke Adams has been blowing glass in Massachusetts since 2006. His colorful glass pumpkins have caught the eye of discerning collectors everywhere. Entirely made by hand in the US, these are among the best glass pumpkins I’ve found.

Recommended Glass Pumpkins

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Luke Adams Glass Pumpkins

This is the one that got me started collecting glass pumpkins. These are perfect for fall decorating. I love the very organic curls of the stem – really adds a lot of personality. These are the perfect fall glass pumpkins. They’re available in a fantastic range of colors – check them out today!

Glass Pumpkin by Luke Adams in Harvest

Check Out The Luke Adams Glass Storefront for Pumpkins and More

Luke Adams has a store on Amazon, glass pumpkins, ornaments, and more! Check it out HERE

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