Halloween Music – Eerie Soundtracks for the Season

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Halloween Music

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Halloween, with its mystical charm and eerie atmosphere, is the perfect time to immerse ourselves in a world of spooky sounds. Whether you’re looking for background music to accompany your Halloween reading, spine-chilling sound effects for a haunted house, or a bone-chilling playlist for a Halloween party, we have just what you need. In this article, we’ll share some of our favorite scary songs and sounds that will bring your Halloween experience to life.

Erebus and Terror by David Bickley & Tom Green

Inspired by Sir John Franklin’s ill fated expedition to the antarctic with the ships HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. The expedition ends in tragedy with the ships becoming ice-bound. The crew strike out and all succumb to hyperthermia, starvation, and madness from lead tainted provisions.

This album is an ambient, creepy triumph. Its scary atmospheric soundscape is the perfect non-intrusive background for Halloween reading.

Erebus and Terror by David Bickley & Tom Green

Halloween by Darwin Chamber

Looking for sound effects for a haunted house? Halloween by Darwin Chamber has your back. There are some short loopable tracks here for specific ambiance like ‘Laboratory’  and ‘UFO Alien Abduction’. The real magic is in the longer 10 minute tracks ‘Ghost Town’ and the 3 ‘Fright Night’ tracks are perfect for setting the mood for a haunted house. I play this often during trick or treating. Add some spooky sounds to your porch or foyer for trick or treaters with this excellent album.

Halloween by Darwin Chamber

Ultimate Classical Halloween Music Collection

Class it up with classical music. These 50 tracks are the perfect background music for a Halloween dinner party. Opening with Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV 565 this sets the stage for a sophisticated yet spooky evening.

Ultimate Halloween Classical Music Collection

This Crying Age by Morthond

Morthond’s dark ambient album ‘This Crying Age’ is perfect for Halloween listening. I love this album for its versatility at Halloween, and ambient listening any time of the year. This is really well suited as a haunting soundtrack in the background or for reading. Its long ambient tracks start with the ticking of an old grandfather clock, and slowly unspool the terror.

This Crying Age by Morthond

Sounds of the Earth: Thunderstorm

The sounds of a thunderstorm are great for reading. I love this album because it has two tracks of about 30 minutes each. The first is a rolling thunderstorm, and the second is a thunderstorm heard from inside – you hear the rain on the rooftops and hitting the windows. This is one of the best thunderstorm recordings I’ve listened to.

Sounds of the Earth - Thunderstorm

Now That’s What I Call Halloween Music

A Halloween Party needs Halloween Music and ‘Now That’s What I Call Halloween’ delivers. Opening with the theme to John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ this album moves through all kinds of genres. There’s something for everyone here, with plenty of danceable tracks this will keep your Halloween party moving.

Now That's What I Call Halloween

Sennheiser Pro Audio Headphones

Need to listen without disturbing others? These Sennheiser headphones have padded ear cups that can reduce outside noise up to 32 decibels. They’re great if you’re trying to get in some Halloween reading and need some help tuning out a noisy environment. They fold to easily go into a bag. I wear mine all the time, they’re comfortable and sound great.

Sennheiser Pro Audio Headphones

Apple iPod Touch

Keep the Halloween music shuffling and looping all night with an iPod. Take the music with you wherever you go. I’m pretty much inseparable from my iPod, and now that they have an increased capacity (up to 256 Gig) you can take even more of your music with you.

Apple iPod Touch


As Halloween approaches, don’t miss out on the opportunity to create an atmosphere filled with spine-tingling sounds. Whether you’re hosting a Halloween party or looking for the perfect background music for your Halloween activities, our collection of spooky songs and sound effects is sure to delight and thrill. Let these sounds transport you to a world of enchantment and mystique, making your Halloween experience truly unforgettable.

Happy Halloween!

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