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Halloween Party Ideas

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Dim the lights and turn up the music. A great Halloween party is easy to throw with our Halloween party picks. Invite your friends over for a fun party suitable for all ages.

Halloween Party Table Decor

Set the stage for your Halloween party spread with these great pieces to dress your table. Check out our Halloween Food post for some fun food to serve your guests.

Crawling Spider Halloween Lace-Lined Tablecloth

This lacy cobweb tablecloth has spiders attached and makes a great statement. The orange under-cloth is a separate piece and is just a thin vinyl sheet. I would recommend using a different orange table cloth under it, like this one.

Spider Halloween Lace-Lined Tablecloth

Halloween Cauldron Serving Bowls

A trio of hanging ceramic cauldrons. Perfect for holding small amounts of treats or dips for a Halloween party. They even look great empty!

Halloween Cauldron Serving Bowls

Black Gothic Style Goblets

I love the old world style of these black goblets. And they’re made of plastic so no worries of broken glass if your party really goes wild. 8 ounce capacity is perfect for most cocktails.

Black Gothic Style Goblets

Spider Web Paper Plates

Serve with ghoulish style on these disposable spider web plates.

Halloween Party Spider Web Paper Plates

Spider Web Napkins

Spider web napkins will complement the plates, and are great folded in half as cocktail napkins.

Halloween Party Spider Web Paper Napkins

Witch Hat Swizzle Sticks

Possibly my favorite Halloween swizzle stick. There are great for tall drinks as they’re about 8″ long. They are a great finishing touch to Halloween cocktails.

Witch / Wizard Hat Swizzle Stick

Halloween Party Decor

Set the mood by giving your home a few Halloween Party touches to add to the festive atmosphere. recommended products include music

Halloween Lights

String up some orange and purple lights to add atmosphere to your Halloween Party. These come with several different modes to match your party mood.

Orange & Purple Halloween Lights

Floating Candles

A great addition to your Halloween party decor. These battery powered candles ‘float’ with the help of monofilament thread. Great for Halloween, and perfect for a Harry Potter theme party too.

Floating Candles

Orange Lighted Halloween Birch Tree Decor

At 24 inches high these are great tabletop or mantel piece decorations. The orange lights against the black trees is perfect Halloween atmosphere.

Orange Lighted Halloween Birch Tree Decor

Sunlite CFL Black Light Bulb 

These Sunlite black light bulbs give off more invisible black light than any other I’ve tried. This is the bulb I used to get the Gin & Tonic to glow in my Halloween Cocktails post. Three is the perfect number for a medium to large room.

Sunlite CFL Black Light BulbĀ  for Halloween Party


No Halloween party is complete without cobwebs. These super stretchy spider webs are a classic, and come with black plastic spiders to add to the effect.

Halloween Party Cobwebs

Monster Halloween Hits

Get everybody dancing with this huge collection of Halloween music. There’s something for everyone in this 3-cd collection.

Monster Halloween Hits

Friday the 13th Collection [Blu-ray]

For a night in, or as background video playing during your party, this collectors box of Friday the 13th movies is an ideal choice.

Friday the 13th Collection [Blu-ray]

Halloween Party Favors

Halloween Stretchy Skeleton Toys

Just one of my faves. There are tons of options, but everyone seems to love these little stretching skeletons.

Halloween Stretchy Skeleton Toys

Have a spooktacular party!

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