Negroni Spagliato – Light and Bubbly

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Negroni Spagliato

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Red, light, and bubbly. This variation on a Negroni is perfect as an aperitif, and makes a perfect spring cocktail. It makes a fabulous Valentine’s cocktail.

A Negroni is a classic Italian aperitif made of equal parts sweet vermouth, Campari, and gin. As legend has it a bartender mistakenly poured Prosecco into the mix instead of gin – hence the ‘spagliato / mistake’ part of the name. The result was a new twist on this classic.

I prefer to break with tradition and double the amount of Prosecco used. I feel it opens up and lightens the drink.

Negroni Spagliato Recipe

1 ounce sweet vermouth
1 ounce Campari
2 ounces Prosecco or other dry, sparkling white wine
Garnish: orange twist

In a wine glass or old fashioned glass with an ice cube add the sweet vermouth and Campari.
Top with the Prosecco and stir gently.
Garnish with orange twist.

Try this sparkling cousin of the Negroni, and be sure to try the classic Negroni too!

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Riedel Double Old Fashioned Glasses

The perfect glass for a Negroni, I recommend the Riedel Double Rocks Glass. These make building a cocktail super easy as the lines at the bottom actually indicate a perfect 2 ounce pour. I used this in the Negroni Spagliato photo above.

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Japanese Style Jigger by A Bar Above

I’m so happy with my Japanese jigger. There are marks on the inside to get the perfect measure of just about any size. The conical design allows the lines to be clear and well spaced. This heavy duty stainless jigger is also dishwasher safe. Measuring out a Negroni Sbagliato, or any other cocktail couldn’t be any easier with this.

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Linen Cocktail Napkins

The perfect finishing touch. I love these classic hemstitched linen napkins. You can never have too many linen napkins, and these come in an amazing assortment of colors too.

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Kyocera Ceramic Peeler

This Kyocera ceramic peeler is what I use to get the wide strips of orange to garnish the Negroni Spagliato. It’s really sharp and makes thin orange peels that don’t have any white pith.

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