Kitchen Classic: Anniversary Bundt Pan by Nordic Ware

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A bundt cake is effortlessly elegant. Requiring no decoration it holds its own from the fluted form alone. Add a dusting of powdered sugar or a drizzle of glaze and you have an inspired cake, no cake decorating skills required. Nordic Ware’s Anniversary Bundt Pan is easily my favorite pan to turn out exquisite cakes with minimum effort.

Nordic Ware The Creator of the Bundt Pan

In 1950 H. David Dalquist, the owner of Nordic Ware, made the first Bundt pan. Designed for his customers that wanted to make kugelhopf, a sweet and dense yeast bread. The anniversary pan is a resized version of the original pan Dalquist created. Cast in heavy weight aluminum with a modern nonstick surface, the anniversary bundt pan is a perfect melding of old and new.

Pillsbury Bake-Off Fame

The bundt pan was a steady seller, but sales skyrocketed in 1966.

That was the year that Ella Rita Helfrich came in 2nd place in the Pillsbury Bake-off. Her entry was the ‘Tunnel of Fudge’ cake baked in a bundt pan. Demand for a bundt pan was immediate, and hasn’t slowed down yet. Nordic Ware has been making them ever since, and has continuously added new designs.

Now bundt pans come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes. Bundt pans come shaped like a grove of pine trees, gingerbread houses, flowers, modern geometric shapes – just about anything imaginable.  They are easy and fun to collect.

As many bundt pans as I have, I tend to reach for the anniversary pan the most because of its versatility.

Benefits of the Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Pan

Heavy Duty Construction

The thick cast aluminum pan is built to last. Never worry about a pan warping. The Nordic Ware bundt pans are thicker than other cake pans I’ve used. 

Close up of Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Pan
Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Pan

Large Capacity

The anniversary pan holds an impressive 15 cups. Because the decorative design of the pan is consistent from the top to the bottom you can use recipes that make smaller amounts of batter. There’s no border around the bottom of the cake that won’t get filled out if you make a smaller cake. Most recipes for a large bundt cake are 10-12 cups.

When I’m not sure how much batter a recipe makes, the anniversary pan is my go to cake pan.

Built In Handles

Such a small detail, but what a big difference this makes. The handles let you easily put the cake into and out of the oven. Have you ever taken a cake out of the oven and had it start to slip away from your potholders? Nerve wracking to say the least. The easy to hold handles eliminates the worry and gives you a sure grip.

Non Stick Coating

This is the only feature that may be considered a con instead of a pro. Don’t get me wrong, cakes come out of this pan like a dream as long as you remember to grease and flour it first. The only time I had a cake stick was when I used regular cooking spray instead of one with flour. It was my mistake. 

The non stick coating does mean that hand washing is recommended. Running it through the dishwasher could shorten the life of the coating. If things do end up sticking just soak the pan in soapy water and clean it with a soft sponge.

If I had to choose only one bundt pan to keep, it would be Nordic Ware’s anniversary bundt pan.

The heavy weight construction and the versatility of being able to make various sizes make this a stand out pan.

Check out our Perfect Chocolate Cake recipe for a cake that is fantastic in the Anniversary Bundt Pan.

Our rich and moist Gingerbread Cake is also perfect for the Nordic Ware Anniversary Pan.

Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Pan

Nordic Ware Anniversary Bundt Pan

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