Bar Accessories: Our Favorite Swizzle Sticks

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Best Swizzle Sticks

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The Swizzle Stick – The Finishing Touch

Of all the bar accessories, the swizzle stick is one of my favorites. It immediately sends the signal that this is a cocktail crafted with care.

The finishing touch of a swizzle stick can change a drink from ordinary into something special. I love the simple glass ones for an elegant presentation.

Carry a Theme with Swizzle Sticks

The swizzle stick comes in an incredible range of styles. You can have a theme party just by adding in an appropriate drink stirrer.

Tropical birds, fruits and veggies, cocktail related items; all have been turned into swizzle sticks. I particularly like the Christmas themed ones and am constantly looking through second hand shops for vintage cocktail stirrers.

Hearts for Valentines day, eggs and bunnies for Easter, Jack o’ lanterns and bats for  Halloween (another favorite) there’s a swizzle stick for just about any theme you can think of.

From tiki style swizzle sticks to holiday themes, you can find nearly any subject translated into a drink stirrer.

Swizzle Sticks and the Environment

Glass and metal swizzle sticks are durable and reusable. A quick hand wash or run through the dishwasher and they’re ready for your next party.

Glass or metal straws can take the place of a swizzle stick and act like a stirrer and straw in one. The more disposables we can keep out of landfills is a win for our environment.

The Collectible Swizzle Stick

The swizzle stick started out as a drink stirrer made out of branches of the Quararibea turbinata tree; known as the swizzle stick tree. These later became stirrers that had pronged bottoms and were mostly made of metal.

The pronged swizzle stick was used to stir drinks and also make Champagne lose its effervescence quickly. The latter was popular in the roaring 20s with the rise the flapper.

Vintage metal and glass swizzle sticks are infinitely collectible, as well as the new modern ones. The range of colors and themes are nearly limitless, and they are easy to store. A wonderful and fun thing to collect.

Our Favorite Swizzle Sticks

These are just a few of our favorites. Let your individual style be your guide.

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Glass Swizzle Sticks

I own these and love them so much. The detail is really great and they add a tropical flair to any drink. They also make other styles.

Glass swizzle sticks

Extra Long Stainless Cocktail Picks

Another favorite that I use all of the time. Not only can you skewer olives, cocktail onions, or fruit; I’ve used these to garnish drinks with gummy bears, mini peanut butter cups, and more. If it’s bite sized you can probably garnish a drink with it. I love these as an alternative swizzle stick.

Extra Long Cocktail Picks / Swizzle Sticks

Glass Tropical Theme Swizzle Sticks

Another fun set of glass swizzle sticks. These are great for a tiki themed party.

Tiki Swizzle Sticks

Stainless Steel Donut Swizzle Sticks

These are so fun and colorful. I bet you could even get a real donut hole or bite on there too. These are also dishwasher safe.

Donut Swizzle Sticks

Glass Straws

When you want to serve a drink with a straw and a bit of flair, these colorful glass straws do the job. Glass straws double as swizzle sticks. I really like the colors that this set comes in.

Glass Straws as swizzle sticks

Studio Tica Glass Swizzle Sticks

Studio Tica is a small glass shop that makes beautiful swizzle sticks, among other things. You can even customize your order to get a different length and colorway. I particularly love the subtle rainbow shimmer of these Frosted Fire swizzle sticks.

Studio Tica Swizzle Sticks

Halloween Witch Hat Swizzle Stick

I can’t wait for Halloween so I can put these in cocktails. These all glass swizzle sticks are the perfect accessory for a spooky party.

Witch / Wizard Hat Swizzle Stick

We hope you find something that’s perfect to express your style and individuality. Have fun with your next cocktail party and please drink responsibly.

For more bar accessories see our post on Home Bar Accessories for some more recommendations.

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